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Programs Designed to Help You Age Well Your Way!

Oasis is one of the nation’s leading providers of programming older adults seek to continue learning, engage socially and improve health and wellness. For over 40 years, Oasis has used a 3-fold approach that makes getting older stimulating and more productive:

  • Lifelong Learning
  • Active Lifestyles
  • Volunteer Engagement

We are proud to partner with Oasis and help you age well your way. Oasis is committed to enriching the lives of older adults by offering innovative programs to satisfy curiosity and expand interests.

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AgeSmart Community Resources Health and Wellness Programs

AgeSmart Community Resources Health and Wellness Programs


A Matter of Balance

Falls are not a normal part of aging. Falls are preventable. Learn how to reduce the fear of falling and increase your strength and balance.

Live Well, Be Well!

Learn the skills needed in the day-to-day management of chronic conditions. Find practical ways to deal with pain and fatigue.

Aging Mastery Program

This fun and engaging program empowers people to embrace their longevity and improve quality of life. Learn how to increase social connectedness, improve financial well-being and more!

Tai Chi

Through slow, gentle, fluid movements along with deep breathing, this mind-body practice can help you relax and improve your sense of well-being to help you deal with pain.