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AgeSmart Pilot Counseling Program
by Mandi Voegele | July 7, 2020

For the past 6 months, our state has been coping with an unprecedented virus and a circumstance where the best advice from health professionals is that our society, institutions, schools, churches and virtually every corner of our community engage in social distancing and a partial or complete stoppage of normal activity.

These issues have disproportionally impacted Older Adults and who are particularly at risk from the virus itself.  Social isolation is growing and its impact is better understood now as causing increased anxiety, depression, disorientation, loneliness and secondarily increasing risks for Older Adults who have other health issues.

AgeSmart Community Resources and Chestnut Health Systems have partnered to provide Older Adults and Caregivers of Older Adults free access to telephonic and video Counseling services.


Access to these free services is available until October 30, 2020, WHEN YOU USE THE CODE AGESMART CARES.   Call 618-877-4420 and ask for AgeSmart Cares

Prescription services will only be offered if someone is enrolled at Chestnut Health Systems at the regular ongoing fee schedule.