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AgeSmart Community Resources Impacts Lives Contribute on Giving Tuesday
by Joy Paeth | November 17, 2023

AgeSmart Community Resources Impacts Lives

Contribute on Giving Tuesday

As we approach Giving Tuesday, let's recognize the profound impact we can collectively create for those who've spent a lifetime shaping our world. AgeSmart Community Resources, a stalwart nonprofit, has tirelessly served our older adults and caregivers for 50 years, but the need has surged beyond what we anticipated.

Our aging population is growing exponentially, and AgeSmart's mission to support them faces an unprecedented challenge. While federal and state funds have been invaluable, they're insufficient to match the burgeoning demand. Over the past decade, the number of older adults and caregivers we've served has risen, but unfortunately, the grants haven't kept pace with this growth.

The recent pandemic showcased AgeSmart's vital role as a lifeline for those in need. Thanks to the American Rescue Act, we managed to bridge the gap and offer critical support. However, these essential funds are fleeting, and next year, they'll vanish, leaving a gaping hole in the aid we can provide.

More than ever, AgeSmart needs your support to sustain its vital services. Every donation is a lifeline for older adults striving to stay in their homes, for caregivers seeking respite from overwhelming stress, and for millions of seniors who rely on benefits they may not access without our guidance.

Consider the impact: over 61,000 lives touched last year. These aren't just numbers; they're stories of resilience, of cherished independence, and of easing the burdens our elders carry. Your generosity isn't just a donation; it's an investment in humanity.

This Giving Tuesday, let's unite to reimagine a world built on compassion and generosity. Your contribution isn't just a gift; it's a lifeline, ensuring AgeSmart can continue offering quality services to those who need it most.

Join us on November 28th for Giving Tuesday. Together, let's uphold the dignity, support, and care our older adults and caregivers deserve. With your help, we can ensure AgeSmart continues to be the beacon of hope for those navigating the complexities of aging.

Thank you for being part of this transformative journey towards a world where every older adult and caregiver feels valued and supported. Your generosity makes a difference—one life at a time.

Required Minimum Distribution

A fantastic way to contribute to AgeSmart's critical mission while also benefiting yourself is through your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) if you're 72 years old or older.

A Required Minimum Distribution refers to the minimum amount the IRS mandates you withdraw from your retirement accounts, such as a 401(k) or IRA, annually once you reach a certain age (currently set at 72 years old). This distribution is taxable but can be a powerful tool for charitable giving.

By directing your RMD directly to AgeSmart, you can fulfill your distribution requirement while making a meaningful impact on the lives of older adults and caregivers. This method of giving not only supports our mission but may also offer tax advantages, allowing you to contribute in a way that's financially beneficial for both you and those we serve.

Thank you for considering this impactful way to support AgeSmart Community Resources! Your generosity and foresight will create a ripple effect of positive change for older adults and caregivers in need.