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Uber Rides for Mascoutah Seniors

Uber services will be available to transport older adults 60+ to and from medical appointments in the local Metro East area.  The Mascoutah Senior Center will be acting as the dispatcher coordinating rides for older adults.  The center will coordinate with the Uber driver.  When a person is finished with the appointment the uber driver will be notified by the center.  No cell phone or credit card is necessary.  Just call the Mascoutah Senior Center at least 72 hours in advance at 618-566-8758. Mascoutah was selected for this limited time pilot due to the lack of transportation options in the community.

Agesmart’s Learning Channel

AgeSmart is partnering with GetSetup to offer a free online learning pilot program for a limited time to help you stay connected, learn new skills so you can live your life to the fullest. These small group classes, taught by retired educators, are designed to keep your mind active, allow you to engage with others, and increase your ability to live independently. But most importantly, have fun! Just visit our website to learn more.

AgeSmart COVID Counseling

AgeSmart and Chestnut Health Systems have partnered to provide Older Adults and Caregivers of Older Adults free access to telephonic and video Counseling services.  For the past 6 months, our state has been coping with unprecedented virus where the best advice is to engage in social distancing.  These issues have disproportionally impacted older adults wan who are particularly at risk form the virus itself. If you are having a crisis or want to talk contact 618-877-4420 and ask for AgeSmart Cares. 

Metro East Community Wellness

Utilizing the services of the Southwestern Illinois Visiting Nurse Association is providing at risk older adults a home visiting nurse to asses, educate and provide tools and support to improve their health and well-being.  Nurses can visit at least four times to complete an assessment and develop individual goals and provide follow up visits. The service is available Monday – Friday 8-4.  For more information call 618-444-2936.

Video Series on Adaptive Equipment

Have you ever been discharged from a hospital with instructions on how to use equipment during your rehabilitation or as a caregiver have you tried to find resources for your loved one to help them maintain their independence?  AgeSmart has partnered with Adaptive Equipment Corner.  AECorner produces educational and instructional videos and AgeSmart is providing them to the public at no charge for a limited time.  The mission of AECorner is to enhance continuity of care from healthcare facility to home, increase client and caregiver safety during daily care and improve and maintain the client’s optimal level of functional independence. To access the video series, visit and use the code AgeSmartCares.